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Paulie's Bagels has a home!  We are now part of Winston's Cafe at 1517 Third St. in Napa!

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I service many food businesses, restaurants and hotels in Napa and Sonoma Counties.  Please inquire for products, prices or custom requests!

In a pinch for bagels?  Brown's Valley Market is always stocked with 4-packs!

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Local Testimonials

Heck I still miss old school frozen Lender's onion, but thanks everyone!

We just ordered your bagels for the first time (you delivered to us this morning) and they are the best we've ever had!!  Truly!!

Bonnie M.

Thanks for solving our bagel problem - we just got our first order and these are the best we've had since moving to California.  I think they're even better than the bagels we left behind in NY/NJ.

Kerry M.

Wow these are the real deal.  Better honestly.  Forget NY, Our customers are freaking!

Jim L.

You know I love your bagels, but I was in a pinch and bought some store brand.  Our daughters took one bite and said they aren't Paulie's Bagels.  Guess you have a few more lifetime customers!

Shane S.

My husband and I fight over the last bagel every time.  Forget any other bagel, these are the future.  You really have something here!

Sunni W.

H&H my a**.  People need to wake up and smell the bagel, these are next level.  There is no comparison.  We will spread the gospel, keep on doing what you do!

Craig Z.

When I try other bagels now I'm just like ok, cool, back to Paulie's.  They're just better.

Alicia W.

These potato buns are phenomenal!

Spencer H.

Home: Testimonials


I don't want a bagel that's stuck trying to be another bagel.  This whole perfect bagel from NYC thing is a bit old to me at this point.  I enjoyed quite a few bagels in my day (Shout out to La Bagel Delite on Court St.).  But when we moved to Napa and there were no (good) bagels, I wanted to create a new bagel from scratch.  Thinking back on all the details I've loved in bagels, and figuring out how to put it together.

Every great bagel started from scratch, by people and families that had their own ideas.  I'm one of those people.  It took 4 years of obsessive singular focus on making a bagel that isn't just "like" some other bagel.  So no, these aren't the millionth "New York Style" bagel, they're way better than that.

As time has gone on I've also added Pennsylvania-style Dutch Potato Buns and "Amaroso" Hoagie/Cheesesteak Rolls.  Not everything is available in the online store, but feel free to inquire by email.  If you're interested in wholesale, I service many food businesses, restaurants and hotels in Napa and Sonoma Counties.  Just inquire by email!


Old School Process, New School Recipe

Organic, non-GMO Flour - Hand-Rolled - Boiled - Baked

From a Bagel Guy in Napa, California

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